September 27th, 2011

After several requests to
open up the interfaces of the Conrad Quadrocopter we decided to offer a simple
and cost efficient way to allow Flying Robots Enthusiasts to build applications
by using the Conrad Quadrocopter 450 and 650 Hardware.
This Hardware can be used for educational, private or commercial use without
any limitations

The current 450er and 650er Software
available from Conrad electronics offer an Interface to allow to build
extensions and control the Copter with external hardware. After merging the
GCOPTEr and original Conrad Coper Software this interface is now available for
every customer of a standard Conrad Quadro hardware.

We are willing to support
professionals and hobbyists in building great HW extensions for the Conrad Quadrocoter
Hardware. Therefore we offer support and custom adaptations if needed. Feel free
to contact to request
additional information’s. We also offer support in building other Multicopter
solutions  if needed.

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