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GCopter SDK is ready! Start your Flying Robot Projects!

The GCoper Software development Kit to start you’re your own flying robots project in a simple an cost efficient way without limitations in usage the resulting project can now be ordered. Go to “GCopter” for more information.
The difference between the original Quadrocopter 450 and the GCopter SDK is the software that is extended by an external control Interface. This interface can be used to query real time status data as well as overwrite the RC Receiver Signals to realize external control applications. This Interface should give enough flexible to turn the Conrad Quadrocopter into the base for your flying robots projects.
Currently we are in the process of finalizing the SDK software and documentation that can be found in this Blog. To not compete with the “mass market” Version of the Conrad Copter sloth through Conrad we will sell a different Version of the Main Control Unit board that cannot be used with Quadrocopter 450 software update binaries. And the GCopter binaries cannot be downloaded to the original Version. However the Hardware that is used is the same in both cases.  

CopterConfig: Configurations Software for the GCopter

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