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Onboard Video Overlay and AV Transmitter

November 11th, 2007

The Video Overlay is now working as a prototype. It is a little extender device for the Mikrokopter to show relevant flight data as an overlay on top of any PAL video source. It’s really a great experience to fly a Mikrokopter with video goggles and watch some flight data at the same data.
The Software an Hardware is designed to work with the Mikrokopter but it is designed a a generic solution, so it can be used in any other application like Model airplanes, Cars or as a Platform for security systems as well. The Hardware is a standard application based on the LM 1881 to extract the V- and H- Sync from the video signal and generate interrupt signals for a microprocessor. A simple MEGA88 (at 20Mhz) is used. This microprocessor has enough power to generate simple black and white overlays and offers several analog and digital inputs.  


The solution contains 3 modules: Camera module including voltage regulator, Overlay generator and 2.4Ghz video transmitter.

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