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Yes it’s flying - really?

April 2nd, 2009

Looks like some customers of the Quadrocopter 450 ARF experienced some issues with sensebility to temperature and other issues but the copter is actually flying. The video shows it. I would like to here your experience - even i’m not the the conrad supportline I may able to help.

In addition I’m now able to share some technical details on how the HW can be pimped and can be used to build your own SW and HW extensions. Take a look under Quadrocopter 450 Tab

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Indoorgaudi 2009

March 16th, 2009

The Indoorgaudi 2009 is gaining more and more intrest in the helicopter idoor flying scene around Munich. This time we had a few more quadrocopters pilots as well. A good mixture of all types. TT-copter, Mikrokopter, UAVP and the new Conrad Quadro as well.

This is my 2nd time visiting the Indoorgaudi and the first public presentation of my quadrocopter with distance control. Some of you may know that i have tested this on a Mikrokopter 2 years ago in Ireland (klick!). 4 IR distatnce sensors and one for the hight control make this quadrocopter reacting to his environment. Just watch this video and tell me what you think. it’s not perfect as the code was just finished the night before and this was almost the first test flight. But you can see it’s working.

The robot is using the Conrad Quadrocopter 450 Hardware with an AD converter extender board to connect 5 distance sensors. This board is based on a MEGA168 AVR. i willpost more about this in a couple of days

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Welcome Back

March 15th, 2009

Welcome to my new Blog. After a few month of silence some people may ask what was happening. I was finally able to move to the new Blog system and had time to summarize what i have been done over the last few month.   

This is the result of the last few month:

Conrad Quadrocopter 450The new Quadrocopter from Conrad Electronic (Germany) is now in production and i had a chance to be part of the test pilot team. I would say This quadrocopter is the best what you can get for 299 EUR. Powerfull brushless engines. MEAG 128 based conrol board with 3 gyros and one 3 axis acc. 

I also have a video from one of our test flights availiable for download\copterconfig\conradhigh_0002.wmv

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